Litt Lighting Tips

by lara wasson

Litt began as a simple solution to a common boring problem, buying the wrong lightbulb!

We have all been there - confused in the local DIY shop, scrolling through online superstores or lost in our favourite Swedish warehouse. Finally, you think you have the right one and BAM all of a sudden your cosy living room resembles an operating theatre. Too bright, too white and too much time wasted, and money spent.

Litt has done the hard work for you. We edit the vast array of light bulbs on offer to ensure you-

  • Never get harsh white light
  • Can shop by the atmosphere you want
  • Can use pictures to select the cap type instead of just codes
  • Always get energy & money-saving LED lightbulbs
  • Quality suppliers from international brands
  • Same day dispatch on orders placed before 3pm
  • Free delivery on €50+

To help you further make the selection, here are some answers to questions we've had along the way - 

I don't have dimmer switches; how can I get low-level cosy lighting?

Check the LUMENS on the light bulb, the lower the lumen the lower the light. To give you a benchmark the average candle is around 12 lumens.

What do Kelvins mean?

Kelvins are a technical term used to measure the colour temperature of light. Simply put the lower the Kelvin the warmer the light. Candlelight is 1000k & Cold blue light is 5000. 

Below is a chart of the most used light for homes & hospitality settings.

3000k= White light

2700k = Soft White yellow light

2500k = Warm yellow light

2200k = Warm amber light

1000k = Candlelight

What is the difference between regular light bulbs and LED light bulbs?

Simply put, the main difference is that LEDs save money & energy. LEDs use 75% less energy than regular bulbs and can last up to 10 x longer.

Getting into the technical bits, regular or incandescent light bulbs are what the majority of us have grown up with. They have filaments which glow, producing both heat and light when the energy flows through them. LEDs on the other hand use electrons that produce almost no heat so use much less energy.

How do I dispose of my old lightbulbs?

All lightbulbs regular or LED need to be recycled. You can find your local electrical recycling point in Ireland on